Complete Manufacturing Solutions From Design To Production

Manufacturing Capability

All our factories are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. As a part of the Audit process we ensure they conform to standards of ethical practice. Currently, 24 double foaming lines are running regularly, with a monthly output 600 million pieces and more than 1500 containers exporting annually.

Production & Quality Control

Our manufacturing background and an understanding of our products at a technical level ensure good production control. A technical understanding of the products and the manufacturing process required to produce them is a mandatory requirement for consistent product quality and on-time production.

Inspections & Testing

We have a very comprehensive inspection and testing regime for all our production. This consists of several layers of inspections from During Production (DUPRO) right through to Final Random (FRI) and Load inspection. We have access to testing laboratories for all our products. This enables us to set the initial product specification and ongoing testing against gold seal samples.